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Pregnancy Milestone Cards- The Kayla Collection

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Twenty five floral inspired pregnancy milestone and moment cards are jam packed into a 100% handmade and Australian Made recycled card box.

This handmade box will keep your cards safe for many years to come (and we think they look super cute as too).

Carefully created for you to use from the first moment that you find out you have fallen pregnant. Each pregnancy is different and so unique, we think it’s super important to be able to go back and remember everything that you went through and felt during that time. Take a photo of you and your bump updates and write all those memories on the back of each card to remember forever.

This collection consists of the following:

I’m pregnant 
12 weeks 
14 weeks 
16 weeks 
18 weeks 
20 weeks 
22 weeks 
24 weeks 
26 weeks 
28 weeks 
30 weeks 
32 weeks 
34 weeks 
36 weeks 
38 weeks 
40 weeks 
Today is your due date 
Hospital bag is packed 
Today is my baby shower 
See ya later toes 
Your nursery is ready 
Baby shower 
It’s a boy 
It’s a girl 
Today we heard your heart beat