Moustache Bandana Bib

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Your darling will be too cute to resist in these gorgeous and trendy baby bandana bibs. Choose from our range of colours and designs and have the perfect little addition to any outfit.

Made from 100% organic cotton and antibacterial, eco friendly and washable material.

Our Bandana Bibs are one of the best ways to prevent dribble rash developing on your precious cherub. 

Baby dribble contains digestive enzymes which irritate the skin and cause the rash.

Our Bandana Bibs help by having extra material that can be tucked over clothing to absorb dribble and stop it getting onto your baby’s chin, neck and chest.

Our bandana bibs also prevent clothes becoming wet from dribble which can prevent chaffing and help to avoid colds due to a wet chest.

Our bibs prevent stained neck lines and collars. They more effectively catch mess and don’t move around like so many other bibs. 

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