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Baby and Toddler Educational Flash Cards

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36 nature and unisex inspired alphabet and flash cards which are jam packed into a handmade 100% Australian Made recycled card box.

Fantastic for bonding with your toddler and teaching them numbers and the alphabet in a fun and enjoyable way!

Did you know that your little babe can colour in each picture, trace the numbers & letters with texter and use each card to spell words! Then once the cards are colourful, just wipe them over with a damp cloth and start again!!

Carefully created for your child to use to learn their alphabet and numbers in a stylish and interactive way.

This collection consists of the following cards:

Alphabet cards

Front of card: Uppercase letter 
Back of card: Uppercase and lowercase letter at the top, graphic relating to that letter, name of graphic at the bottom.

Each letter represents:

A is for apple 
B is for butterfly
C is for crab 
D is for dinosaur 
E is for elephant 
F is for flamingo 
G is for glasses 
H is for horse 
I is for ice-cream 
J is for jellyfish 
K is for koala 
L is for lion 
M is for moon
N is for numbers 
O is for octopus 
P is for pig 
Q is for question mark 
R is for rainbow 
S is for sunshine 
T is for turtle 
U is for umbrella 
V is for vegetables 
W is for whale 
X is for x-ray 
Y is for yoga 
Z is for zebra

Number cards:

Front of card: display of one number
Back of card: matching amount of dots to count



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