A Change Bag that holds everything but the Kitchen Sink

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A Change Bag that holds everything but the Kitchen Sink

I've often wondered why change bags (or diaper bags or nappy bags or whatever you want to call them bags) are called that. I mean sure, they hold a change of clothes for you baby when they need their nappy changed but they are so much more than that aren't they?!

At Bubba Bump we stock the stylish and oh so chic backpack change bags. They have countless compartments for nappies, insulated bottle pockets, a dedicated wipes pocket, access to the bottom of the change bag through a zip at the back and ridiculous amounts of room for all the baby stuff you can handle.

Not only do they fit all of your typical baby change items in them, but also

  • that book that you keep around, floating from place to place that you've misguidedly convinced yourself that you WILL read at some point
  • your house keys thats also have those 20 other keys on that you don't even know what they open
  • anywhere from 1-10 dirty nappies in those amazing smell proof bags that you keep forgetting to throw in the bin when you're near one and so keep stock piling
  • that jumper that you threw in on that unseasonably cold day but haven't taken back out even though its the middle of summer
  • the container of half eaten baby food that you meant to put straight in the dishwasher when you got home
  • all the change from the last months coffees
  • face washers, hand sanitisers and about 4 different blankets from that time you were having a really productive day and organised the change bag efficiently 
  • an assortment of power cords- one of which you are sure is your spare phone charger
  • and so much more! 

The modern change bag has come such a long way since the daggy big bag that you had to lug around everywhere. 

Now, believe it or not, it is possible to look insanely fashionable while hauling around the tools to clean poop of your bubbas behind- amazing right?!

So whether you are shopping for a change bag for yourself, a baby shower present or trying different ways of finding the perfect laptop bag- do yourself a favour and check out ours! 

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