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Postnatal Recovery Wear

Postpartum recovery wear helps keep you comfortable and feel like normal again after giving birth and is beneficial in getting your body back to normal as quickly as possible. Look and feel the way you used to before giving birth.

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Postpartum shorts

While designed to look and resemble your everyday bike shorts, postnatal recovery shorts are formulated to speed up your recovery after childbirth, assisting with lower back pain, and any abdominal muscle separation and discomfort through gentle compression.

After giving birth, some women experience bladder issues, and this product can reduce any unwanted incontinence issues.

Postpartum tights

Enjoy, relax and feel completely content in our adjustable maternity tights. They will not only make your belly feel and look much firmer with their compression abilities but are incredibly gentle when pressing on any stitching. In addition to this, they are breathable, can be worn under clothing so no one will notice, and you can commence wearing them from one week to four months postpartum.

Available in a wide variety of options, browse our cozy range of maternity wear.