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BubbaWrap Baby Wrap Carriers



As a parent, providing the best comfort and safety for your baby is your top priority. BubbaWrap is the ultimate solution that offers easier parenting - you can give your baby the attention and closeness they need, whilst having the freedom to do other things. Made with lightweight organic cotton and available in beautiful neutral tones, our baby wrap carriers are suitable for babies form 0-36 months. Not only is it easy to use, but it will also build a stronger bond between you and your baby. Once you’ve tried our baby wrap, you won’t be able to imagine life without it!


Why use a Baby Wrap Carrier?

Wrapping your precious little one helps the connection grow between the two of you. As it’s fondly called, 'Baby Wearing' keeps your baby close to you. The warmth and comfort of your skin and heartbeat act like a magic 'turn off' switch that calms an upset baby. This approach is also great for colic episodes and a lifesaver if your baby is being clingy. 

Carrying your baby in a wrap has numerous benefits for both you and your little one. Baby wearing allows you to bond with your baby and meet their needs more quickly, making parenting easier and more enjoyable. It's especially helpful for mothers who may be struggling with depression. In addition, preemies and sick infants also grow and heal faster when worn, especially when the baby and parent are skin-to-skin. This is sometimes called “kangaroo care”, which is increasingly practised in hospital neonatal intensive care units. 

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Baby wraps are usually meant for toddlers between 0-36 months. These are safe for your little one, provided appropriate guidelines are followed. For starters, baby wrap carriers should always be worn on your front and not on your back. These should also allow healthy hip positioning for the baby while ensuring it’s comfortable. Check if the baby wrap is suitable for different seasons with proper insulation.


As a general rule, it’s recommended that babies don’t spend more than 2 hours in a carrier/wrap sling. Though in reality, you can carry your baby in a wrap sling as long as they are happy and cosy. The wrap sling itself can last from a couple of months to many years, depending on how carefully you care for it.


Baby wrap carriers are designed to be versatile, fully adjustable and easy to put on for both you and the baby. You can usually find instructions on the packaging. However, feel free to contact a Bubba Baby customer service team member for advice on how to put on your baby wrap carrier.


  • Unfold the wrap and locate its centre. 
  • Place the wrap’s centre on your body, either under or across your chest, and gather the top half of the fabric. 
  • Cross your hands behind your back while holding the wrap, and pull them up to tighten the wrap over your shoulders, forming an “X” on your back. 
  • Gather the fabric and tuck it through the top half of the fabric around the center of your body. Cross the fabric in front of you by your waist, creating an "X" high on your chest. The higher the "X," the higher your baby will sit on your chest.
  • Tie the wrap around your waist in a double knot, either in the front, side, or back, wherever you feel most comfortable. Depending on your body size and the length of the fabric, you might need to wrap it around your waist once or a few times.
  • Before picking up your baby, check the front to ensure you've left enough space for your little one, about 6-8 inches. Also, make sure the neckline is in the right place and that the fabric feels secure and comfortable over your shoulders.

If you’re still unsure, we highly recommend watching our instructional video to learn how to tie your baby wrap with ease and confidence.

Our material is 100% GOTS organic cotton with cotton polyester infill.

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