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Organic Bamboo Reusable Breast Pads

 At Bubba Bump, we want new mothers to be as comfortable as possible and that includes during the breastfeeding phase. Our breast pads are reusable and made from the softest organic bamboo. If you are looking to be eco friendly and save money, these nursing pads are perfect. During your breastfeeding journey you will find that you often 'leak' and will experience a 'let down' from the side you are not feeding on. Our reusable breast pads aim to absorb any leaking breast milk, and are a more environmentally and money conscious choice over their disposable counterparts.



Multi nursing pads layered for extra protection

Our organic reusable breast pads feature two layers of ultra absorbent soft bamboo and an outer layer of waterproof fabric to prevent any unwanted leaks. Bamboo is breathable and has antibacterial properties to help reduce the risk of infections such as mastitis. The middle layer of microfibre absorbs your milk and the outer layer has a waterproof backing to protect you from leaking through. Our organic breast pads are completely machine washable, making them super easy to maintain. Our fabric is soft against delicate skin, especially in those early days of breastfeeding. 

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Find the perfect baby shower gift for a mother to be right here. Please note that colour selection of breast pads may vary depending on stock levels. If you need more info on our reusable breast pads, please get in touch with our friendly team.


What are reusable breast pads made of?

Our soft and comfortable reusable breast pads are made from two absorbent layers of fabric. The outer is an organic bamboo fabric and the inner is made from a microfiber that will soak up any excess moisture.

How long do reusable breast pads last?

After 2 or 3 months you will need to replace your breast pads as they do suffer some wear and tear in the washing machine.

How many reusable breast pads do I need?

Generally a breastfeeding mother will start out with 6 sets of nursing pads. But you can buy more packs as you need them.