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Organic Postpartum Recovery Essential Products to Support New Moms



Once you've given birth, many mothers will focus on the care and bonding connection between them and their newborn. While this is a crucial step, it's just as important to look after your body and ensure you're following the proper steps to help aid its recovery.

Our collection of organic postnatal and postpartum care products are designed to help heal the sensitive and delicate parts of your body, like your perineal. Our birth recovery kits outline the importance of keeping your perineal clean to promote healthy healing and help with swelling and soreness experienced after birth. Our product list includes herbal sitz and recovery oils formulated with organic ingredients to soothe these painful sensations and will reduce itchiness. We also have organic barrier cream, which is useful for many dry and sore areas. Our barrier cream can also be used on your baby's skin safely.

Browse our wider range of organic pre and postpartum products to help your body adjust and recover from its life-changing journey. Our selection includes postpartum support wear, muslin wraps and breastfeeding products, which can offer a great postpartum gift for the new mother in your life. Find the right gift to make you and your baby comfortable.


Why Is Postpartum Care So Important? 

Postpartum and postnatal care is essential for all mothers. Taking the proper steps to help the recovery of your body after labour can ease any pain and swelling and make you feel more comfortable in your body. Postpartum care includes the healing of your body and the well-being of both mother and baby. 

What Do I Need For Postpartum Care?

For a basic postpartum care pack, you should have items to soothe the recovery of your perineal such as a peri bottle, ice/heat pads, preparation oil, as well as postpartum underwear, nipple cream and breast pads. These items will help your body adjust to the significant event of labour and make you feel more comfortable. Bubba Bump's collection of postpartum gift packs includes all the basics above and more to ensure that mothers who have given birth naturally or through a c-section can help their bodies recover. 

Is There A Difference Between Postpartum Care After A C-Section Or Vaginal Birth?

If you've given birth by c-section or naturally, your body will need slightly different postpartum recovery care products. Our gift packs offer two boxes to ensure every mother can feel postnatal relief. 

Natural labour recovery packs will have more relief sprays and wipes to help relieve swelling and healing of your perineum and vagina. Whereas c-section recovery kits will focus on breast pain relief, they'll still include perineal products. 

Do I Still Need To Use A Peri Bottle If I Had A C-Section?

Mothers who have given birth through a c-section can still experience a swollen and sensitive perineal. Even if your c-section was planned, you could still feel discomfort when bending over and wiping due to the incision point.

Our material is 100% GOTS organic cotton with cotton polyester infill.

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