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Choosing The Right Nursery Colours For Your Baby

Colour is a helpful element that stimulates and sparks your baby’s creativity. More than looking nice, colours are essential building blocks of learning at an early age. But, colours nowadays are not as simple anymore. From plain old white to duck egg blue, there are now tons of options that could easily overwhelm us. This is why learning the effects of colours as a mum would be great in providing the best nursery room for your little angel.


To guide you in decorating your baby’s nursery with the right colours, keep reading:


What colours should I choose?

Based on your nursery decor theme, you can now begin thinking of colour combinations suitable to how you want your baby room to look like. This should be done while considering your little bub’s age:


  • For newborns up to 3 months - Some studies show that many newborns see a lot of black, grey, and white So, it is preferable to keep things simple with monochrome options. You may still highlight contrasting patterns and shapes for your baby’s visual stimulation.
  • For 3 to 6 months - For this age, you may familiarise your child with primary colours in varying shades. Let accents and pops of colour show for their baby nest, pillows, bedding, and walls. Pick from blue, red, and yellow and play around with different shades and hues as part of your theme. For fun, you can also match your baby’s outfit and accessories. For example, a blue rose headband would look good in a blue garden theme.
  • For 6 to 12 months - At this point, your baby’s visual understanding of colours is more developed, so more colour schemes are recommended. You can incorporate some of your favourites to add a warm, motherly touch such as earthy colours. Be as creative or inventive as you want, but the element of balance must still be present.


What colours should I avoid?

Too much of a bright colour may bring about an intense visual stimulation that may not be good for your baby. So, refrain from using these bold colours in large amounts:


  • Red - This is a very strong, hot colour. Red attracts a lot of attention, which can be distracting. You may use this for accents, but try not to pick this colour for large decors or on your baby’s room walls alone.
  • Black - This is another colour you should use in moderation. If desired, black may be used in a nursery, but with supporting light and windows. Like red, black can look really nice as an accent to highlight other objects.


Learning to identify colours at a very young age would help your baby with their visual stimulation. With your consistent creativity and support, you would be making positive impacts

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