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Hospital Bag Essential List

You've hit that last trimester (maybe even before if you are super organised but that definitely wasn't me) and you think eeeeek! Time to pack the hospital bag! 

Now it can be a tad overwhelming- what do you pack for yourself? What do you pack for the baby? What kind of things do you need to support the kind of birth you aspire to from your birth plan? 

You might not even have a birth plan - personally I didn't! I decided to go with the flow and take things as they came. I admire those who do have plans - I don't think I will ever be that organised ;-)

When you are packing your bag, think about it in two parts. Mum and Bub. In a moment we will delve into a bit more detail, taking Mum and Bub separately. 

First of all, don't complicate things - there will always be well meaning advice from 2, 3, 4 times mothers over. Don't feel like you have to take everything on board it can be a bit overwhelming! But then you don't want to be like me- I was so disorganised that I even forgot to take the bag up to the birthing suite! True story haha! So let's aim for a balance ladies haha! 

Ok let's tackle you first Mama! 

Mama's Bag

Alright! Mama! First of all - choose a bag! Our Backpack Change Bags are a perfect choice- loads of room and lots of different pockets to remain organised and non flustered!


Next up ( now you have a bag to put everything in ) let's delve into some things to make you more comfortable while you're giving the gift of life , you superwoman you! 

Essential Oils - 

There is a lot of talk about what essential oils can offer to labour and birth and let me tell you, the hype is true! They are such a beautiful , gentle means of support to bring an air of calm to the sometimes frantic stress that labour can be!

The Birthing Mama Kit from Sawyer Bear Blends is the most wonderful choice you will make. 

This beautiful labour and birthing Kit can assist you naturally from pregnancy, birth and beyond. The gorgeous glass amber kit contains- 

Calming Mist - Use this grounding blend of essential oils to bring calm and peace to your surroundings. 

More Milk Roller Blend -naturally assists in boosting your milk supply. 

Baby Time Roller Blend - Naturally assists in stimulating regular contractions after labour has started. Pain relieving properties and those that promote feelings of love, calm and tranquility.

Heal Mist - For assistance in post partum cooling relief. 

Prepare - Using oils in perineum massage before birth can help in assisting reducing the chance of tearing during birth.

Uplift- This roller blend boasts mood enhancing properties and those of confidence and self love.

These gorgeous oils are handmade by one of the most beautiful mamas in biz you will come across! Nikita puts such love and care into her products and the support she offers her customers! With blends available from birth and to support your bub it's an essential to check out as a means of support on your journey through motherhood. Find them here

Nipples - 

You can bet your bottom dollar your nipples are going to be a little sore and maybe cracked to begin with! But don't worry - the beautiful Yasemin from Mikash Skincare has you covered! Her Organic Soothing Nursing Balm will fix you up in no time! To avoid sore nipples apply her soothing balm from when you are 38+ weeks pregnant so the herbs will help promote elasticity and help prepare you from breastfeeding pain.

Oh and did I mention all her products are lovingly made by her in Melbourne, using Australian certified organic ethically sourced ingredients?! Another beautiful mum run biz. Yasemin is the most beautiful soul you will virtually meet! Find her beautiful products here 

Breastfeeding Bra - 

You will want a good breastfeeding bra that is comfortable and has easy access to whip a boob out when you need. Another great option are the breastfeeding tank tops with the feeding bra in built. Remember - in these early days your comfort is key! Think about getting fitted when you're in your third trimester.


I think a lot of new mums are surprised at just how much you do bleed post birth. It certainly caught me by surprise! You neeeeeed Disposeable Maternity Underwear. These are brilliant life savers for mamas post birth . Find ours here

A comfortable, secure, leak free partum panty that can be worn in those first few heavy postpartum days - even up to 6 weeks, as they are so comfy! Find them in our for the mamas collection.


Comfortable Pants- 

The looser, daggier and comfier the better! If you have had a c section you are going to want something loose and comfortable against you're wound and if you have a vaginal birth same thing - you are going to be wanting C O M F O R T. You have just gone through the biggest work out in your life mama! Make sure you have a couple of pairs packed too. 

Toiletries - 

A toothbrush! Gentle, soap free cleanser - you will sting a bit down there! Shampoo and conditioner. That post birth shower, you are going to want to have a good wash, and feel fresh! 

Phone Charger- 

Make sure you bring one with a long cord or alternatively bring a power bank- the power point is a little way from the hospital bed and you're not going to wanting to be stretching in uncomfortable positions! 

Breast Pads- 

Hollllly Moly! You are going to be leaking in places you didn't know you could leak from! Reusable breast pads are a great option - they are soft, can be washed and a lot more comfortable than their disposable counterparts. Our organic bamboo ones are perfect! Find them here 


Bits and Bobs- 

Lip Balm- hospitals with their air con means dry lips! Take some lip balm to ease any discomfort.

Hoteezthis was a suggestion from a beautiful follower- its a heat pad you can stick on your back that gives great relief if you have bad back labour. I wish I knew about these! The great thing about these? When you're finished with them you can put them in your plants as a soil conditioner! Amazing! Get them here

A Good Pillow- To lay on in hospital and also to sit on! If you've had a vaginal birth your tata is going to be more than a little tender! Having a donut pillow will help ease pain when you sit on chairs. 

Slippers- No one wants to be walking on the cold hospital floor barefoot! 

Snacks- If your labour is a long one, you'll need some sustenance! Pack some snacks and gatorade to keep that energy up mama! You'll need it! 

Black Granny Panties- The bigger, blacker and more granny like the better! You are not, I repeat, are NOT going to care about your booty looking hawt in a g- string post birth. 

Camera- Whether it be your phone, or proper camera, Pack one! Take those precious shots. You're going to go gaga looking back on them as your baby grow or late at night when they're sleeping - trust me, it's a thing. 

Ural- When you wee, it will sting the first few weeks. Your tata just underwent a prettttty big thing. Ural will help take the sting out a little bit. 

Diffuser- This was a popular follower suggestion - pop some lavender or other relaxing oils in to bring some calmness in. 

Baby's Bag

It can seem so strange packing for the little human you are yet to meet, but oh so magical at the same time! The important thing to remember here is don't go overboard. 

The First Bath-  

Oh my goodness- that first bath is amazing! Your little babe feels so delicate and tiny! So so tiny! You don't want any nasty chemicals seeping into that precious virgin skin. Let's circle back to the beautiful Mikash brand again. Handmade and organic, these are the products you will want for your babe's bath time. The Calming Baby Hair and Body Wash is like liquid gold to bathe your little cherub in. It creates a nourishing and joyful bath time experience for your baby- once you use it you will be addicted!

You will also want the Mikash Organic Herbal Baby Body Powder for post bath time. A talc free powder that will leave baby’s body dry and free from irritation. 

Battle nappy rash or any other type of irritation before it even begins with the Mikash Organic Barrier Cream - the cream to end all creams. Another beautiful organic cream completely free of chemicals. 


Pack nappies - newborn size-, a 3-4 of onesies, 3-4 singlets, some socks and mittens (these stop baby from scratching themselves). Baby is a lot more simple to pack for than Mama! You might also want to pack a soft towel- it will be better than the sometimes harsher hospital towels.


Pack a couple of swaddles too! The hospital will have ones they provide, but it can be so much nicer swaddling baby in one you've bought especially! Great for that beautiful birth announcement too! View our range of organic bamboo swaddles here


So there you have it gorgeous Mamas and Mamas to be! Our selection of hospital bag essentials. The products mentioned are linked throughout the article but find the websites below with discount codes to get your essentials too! Code - mikash20 for 20% off Code - hospitalbag for 15% off Code- hospitalbag for 15% off


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