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Motherhood.. the good, the bad and the ugly

Motherhood is one of those things that unless you have experienced, you do not know the true blessing of it. 
To be responsible for a little life form, someone that survives through you and only because of you is absolutely unreal. 

I think as mamas we all know that indescribable feeling when our babies are laid on our chest for the first time. Especially first time mamas- it's that moment in our lives that we are like, wow! There really was a baby inside my belly and here it is!

What ensues are weeks of fumbling your way through. Even those who Motherhood comes completely naturally to will have quiet moments to themselves of thinking, Wow- this is hard.. absolutely amazing but definitely trying at times!

Our precious little cherubs have a way of smiling or sinking into a snuggle into our chests at the perfect time- just as you are thinking its too much, they do something absolutely adorable and you know its all worth it and more. 

I think when you become a parent, you definitely have a new appreciation for what your own parents went through to raise you. Babies are 100% helpless and it takes a lot of work! You lose all sense of self, personal space, hygiene at times, sleep, independence from another person- all the things you once might have written on a 'things good about life' list. It's the only circumstance where so many things are taken from you but you love life more for it. To have a child is to experience unconditional love in it's most pure form- it really is a thing of beauty. 

From waking up every two hours to settle and feed and swaddle, implementing a sleep routine, washing, changing. We give our all to these gorgeous little creatures. You discover what true selflessness is when you have a child, and it is a wonderful thing- especially to experience that with your partner. As a couple it grows and matures your relationship, it deepens your love for one another seeing each other with the little being you have created together. 

For all it's ups and downs, motherhood, fatherhood, parenthood- the magical moments more than outweigh the hard. Know that it is normal to be overwhelmed and feel helpless, every child is different, unchartered territory. Trust your instincts as a parent- you know your child better than anybody. Smile and nod at unwanted advice- you do not need to heed it or take it on board. Know above everything that you have this. 


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