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Postpartum Hair Loss - How to help it! 

You may have heard women talk about postpartum hair loss.

It is such a surprise for so many new mothers to go through this themselves.

Seeing handfuls of hair come out in the shower can be really confronting. When you are pregnant, you have higher estrogen levels which stop your hair from falling out - this is why we hear of luscious hair while pregnant!

During postpartum, the estrogen drop is what causes this extra hair loss. Hair loss peaks around four months postpartum, which can cause a lot of anxiety for mothers. It is important to note that your hair will grow back! If your hair loss doesn't improve after a few months, check with your doctor to ensure you are not low in iron.

What can you do to help your hair loss?

Silica - A great mineral and is very effective in encouraging hair growth

Wheatgrass - contains silica and helps the liver to process excess postpartum hormones

Biotin - A deficiency in this nutrient causes hair loss, and supplementing with it has been shown to produce significant hair growth in people with a deficiency

Collagen - Known as a 'beauty' supplement that is highly supportive for hair, skin and nails.

Nutrient-rich diet - Ensure a varied diet with sufficient healthy fats and omega 3s 

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