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Reasons Wearing A Belly Band Is Worth It

Being a mum is a challenging feat. Whether you’re new or experienced in this motherhood journey, you’ll still need some form of support along the way. For instance, there are some struggles mummies aren’t immune to during and after giving birth like back and joint pain. Because of this, support garments like belly bands are known to be very practical for use. 


To ease your pain and worries, here are more reasons why wearing a belly band is worth it: 


Support and cover 

Belly bands aim to promote the wearer’s proper posture. This is especially made for the lower back and torso, enabling mums to stand and walk better. These also act as a stretchable layer, covering areas of exposed skin as the belly increases in size. The coverage it gives adds security, warmth, and comfort around the midsection. 


Extend your wardrobe 

Belly bands can serve as a fashion accessory too. Mummies wear these to extend the life of pre-pregnancy clothing by covering unbuttoned or unzipped pants. By using this supporter, you would fit into more clothes you already own and save more time and money. This is more practical than giving up on your wardrobe early and shopping for new ones. 


Stay active 

Do you ever feel like going for a jog while you’re pregnant? Belly bands provide gentle compression and reduce feelings of discomfort while exercising. Just don’t compress it too tight and for too long. Consider the temperature of the surroundings too. This way, you can avoid overheating and difficulty in breathing. Strike a balance to what feels right and comfy for your movement. 


Use as postpartum wear 

Mums can wear belly bands both during and after pregnancy. If you just went through a caesarean operation for example, postpartum belly-binding is good for healing and recovery. After having your baby, belly bands could also help your spinal alignment, keeping your organs, uterus, and muscles in place. With this kind of support, you’ll feel more at ease doing your everyday routine. 


Overall, belly bands are definitely a must-have for mums! They come in different shapes, sizes, and colours, and tons of affordable and quality options are available for you. Find one that fits and works well to assist you in your bubba bump journey. 

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