The Picnic Blanket to rival all Picnic Blankets

The Picnic Blanket to rival all Picnic Blankets

Wowweeeee are we obsessing over one of our latest additions- our Rainbow Kantha Blankets. 

Each blanket is entirely handmade. From the unique pattern made from a traditional Indian block stamp, right down to the hand stitched quilting.

Each of our kantha blankets one of a kind with a neutral white and rust stitch reverse side. A timeless and precious keepsake item to cherish over the years.

Approximately 120cm x 120cm. Made from 100% cotton.

These are soooo super thick that they make the perfect picnic blanket, quilt for your babes bed or even the worlds most beautiful comforter. 

This gorgeous piece is definitely an heirloom piece to keep for generations!


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