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Tips for preventing/helping Mastitis

Breastfeeding mamas SAVE THIS! 💛 The other day on my instagram stories I mentioned I had mastitis (same point after birth I got it with Elle and then had a few bouts of it)

I asked for your tips on how to prevent and/or soothe it. Sooo many amazing tips from so many of you beautiful people! So I’ll pop the answers below so we can all benefit! Don’t you love this community!


🍃 lecithin capsules

🍃 cabbage leaves

🍃Body Ice Women heat/cold packs

🍃hot shower


🍃massaging the blocked duct

🍃heat on the breast prior to feeds, ice packs      after

🍃keep feeding/expressing from the affected breast

🍃drain the boob (pump after feeds)

🍃while feeding our bubs chin towards the blocked duct

🍃keep feeding on the affected side

🍃physios can do a a special ultrasound to break up the blocked duct

🍃Qiara breastfeeding probiotic

🍃massage and lumps on your breasts under a hot shower

🍃poke root

🍃drink 2 litres of water a day

🍃avoid tight bras

🍃change feeding position- eg feed laying down

🍃vibrator over the lump

🍃rest rest rest


SO many amazing tips and hints!! Head to our beautiful For Mamas section to find some gorgeous mama essentials 

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