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Baby hairbrush

Our gorgeous three-piece Hair Brush & Comb Set is super soft. Perfect for your baby's delicate crown. Both the brush and comb have curved, wooden handles for an easy and comfortable grip. 

The set features:



- A soft baby hairbrush made with natural goat hair bristles, making it gentle on your little one's delicate crown and fine hair. The bristles encourage even distribution of natural oils to condition hair and help prevent cradle cap.⁣

- A massage brush made with wooden bristles to increase circulation and massage the scalp, helping to calm your little one and encourage hair growth. Please note the brush has a tiny air hole to allow for cushioning. This is not a defect. ⁣

- A premium wooden baby brush that easily detangles tiny knots and is also perfect for styling.

Our set is a precious keepsake and makes an ideal practical gift for a newborn baby.

  • Non-toxic finishes
  • Made with natural wood and Goat's hair bristles
  • Environmentally friendly 



When can you start brushing your baby’s hair?

You can start brushing your baby’s hair any time after birth. The only thing you would need to remember is to use a baby hairbrush instead of a normal brush. A baby’s crown is delicate and any grooming needs to be as comfortable to the baby as possible. This is why our soft baby brush promises to be gentle on your toddler’s crown.

What are the benefits of brushing your baby’s hair?

Brushing your baby’s hair is not only comfortable for the little one but also creates bonding between the two of you and helps build healthy hygiene habits early in your kid’s life. This promotes a healthy sleep routine and improved wellbeing.  

Does brushing your baby’s hair stimulate growth?

Brushing your baby’s hair can indeed stimulate growth. Regular grooming can remove dry skin and loosen the cradle cap. It also helps blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles. At Bubba Bump, we offer a complete baby brush set that includes a soft hairbrush and a massage brush to take care of your baby’s grooming needs.  

How often should you brush your baby’s hair?

Ideally, this should be a daily routine. Even if your toddler might not have that much hair yet, it’s still a good idea to build the habit at an early stage. Doing so regularly stimulates hair growth, creates bonding, and relaxes your baby among several reasons. 


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