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Change Bags and Pram Caddies

You can rely on Bubba Bump to bring you the most stylish and functional large pram caddies and large change bags to store all of your baby's things when you’re out and about. Beautifully and durably made, our change bags in Australia make storing and accessing things quickly and efficiently a total breeze. 


Functional pram caddies that look great too

Baby essentials like pram caddies and change bags aren’t just heavy duty functional vessels anymore: they’re stylish, affordable and top quality items that you’ll love to have with you for any occasion. Made from faux leather in three different colours, our bags are the epitome of ‘cool parent’ accessories and feature lots of pockets inside for all your baby’s things.

Shop our stylish change bags online today

When it comes to getting the most out of your baby essentials, look no further than Bubba Bump products. Need more info on our collection of items? Get in touch with our friendly team who can answer any of your questions. 


What are the benefits of using a baby changing bag or pram caddy? 

A pram caddy can be used in place of a changing bag for short trips and is super helpful for storing your items for the baby on your stroller when you’re out and about. A change bag can be a great option if you also need room for parent stuff. They’re also great for those outings where you may need to pack a few extra items.

What should you keep in a pram caddy?

Depending on the size of the pram caddy, you can put all sorts of useful things in there. Bottles, spare nappies, baby wipes, clean bibs, baby change mat, dummies, sunscreen, phone, wallet and keys are just a few items that can be found in most parents' pram caddies.

What can fit in a baby change bag?

Baby change bags are usually full of pockets specifically for things like bottles, spare nappies and wipes but you can fit plenty more in there. A change of clothes for you and your bub will fit but don’t forget the snacks, dummies, a blanket or wrap and sunscreen to make sure you little one is comfortable and happy.