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Ice and Heat Pack for Breasts

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The Breast ice/heat packs can be warmed or cooled to assist with your breastfeeding journey.

They are designed to fit comfortably inside your bra and around your nipples, and will also fit around your breast pump, depending on your needs.

The breast pads are designed to help relieve you from soreness associated with breast feeding, blocked milk ducts and engorgement.When heated, the breast pads can be used as a heat pack to help ease the flow of milk and blocked milk ducts.

The pack can be heated or cooled.

To use it for cold therapy pop it in the freezer without the sleeves for about 2 hours or place it in cold, icy water until the desired temperature is achieved.  

To use it for heat therapy, put the pack in hot water without the sleeve or a microwave for the times below. Heat for 5 second bursts until the temperature you want is achieved. Always test temperature before use. 

 700 Watt Microwave: 20 seconds

 1000 Watt Microwave: 15 seconds

 1200 Watt Microwave: 10 seconds

To clean, wash with warm soapy water. 

In the pack: 
2 x breast heat/ice packs
2 x breast reusable sleeves

Slip on the protective sleeves provided and place on the breasts area. Apply for the medically recommended time of 20 minutes. Wait until the skin returns to base temperature before reapplying.

To clean, wash with warm soapy water. 

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