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For the Mamas

Gifts for new mothers

A beautifully curated collection of well thought out gifts for the mamas in your life. If you are a mama, this collection is also for you to treat yourself to something wonderful that will make you feel like the wonderful mama you are. 

It is so important to lift each other up and support our fellow mamas- parenthood is a tough gig and it makes it that little bit easier when we can lean (judgment-free) on another mama. 




What are the best gifts for new and expecting mums?

There are so many options out there. It could be a keepsake photo frame, a healthy snack basket or a neat pregnancy journal. Though we always recommend something a little more thoughtful and practical, like maternity underwear or a belly band

What types of support wear can you choose from?

At Bubba Bump, we offer a number of options in terms of support wear. Our pregnancy support belt is a breathable and comfortable fabric that’s great for easing all your pregnancy aches and pains. Our postpartum underwear gives you the best comfort possible and serves as an ideal choice for C-section mothers. 

Other types of support wear you can choose from includes maternity tights, belly bands, reusable breast pads, and partum panties, among others.   

What are the benefits of reusable breast pads?

The main benefit of our breast pads is the reusability itself. Going for an eco-friendly choice isn’t just good for the baby but also for the environment. Reusable breast pads made from bamboo fabric are super soft and therefore great for sensitive skin. It also makes for a highly absorbent fabric compared to its disposable counterparts. These are also machine washable. This makes for easier maintenance.