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Maternity Underwear

After giving birth to that precious little angel, we want you to be confident you are prepared for how your body can change. We have a range of specially designed post labour underwear to suit all women's needs.

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Postpartum underwear

It can be difficult coping with hormonal changes and dealing with a newborn baby at the same time. To make you more comfortable in your own body, we have a range of postpartum wear, including postpartum briefs and disposable postpartum underwear, to combat those changes.

This type of underwear is not only made to protect those who had a natural birth but also those who underwent C-sections. Some of our underwear even comes with a silicone panel or pocket for an ice pack to assist with soothing painful C-section stitching. In addition to this, they prevent you from any embarrassing leakage. Many new mums choose our mesh post labour product, as it is a cool and light option.

When purchasing postpartum undies, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Fabric - make sure you choose breathable materials like mesh or cotton
  • Compression - many new mums want to feel more secure
  • Larger sizing - choose a larger size to allow room for comfort after giving birth, as your body will take a while to return to normal

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