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Hands Free Motherhood with a Baby Wrap Carrier

Ain't no hood like Motherhood! and ain't that the truth!!

Motherhood... that club you join where the first mandatory skill is doing everything one handed. What if I told you there is a possibility you can have both hands back and a settled child. 

'Stop it' I hear you say

'Don't get a mamas excitement up like that' 

I know... it seems abso-shnootly impossible! Well... it's not! Let me introduce to you the BubbaWrap Baby Wrap Carrier. Now say it 10 times non stop with your eyes closed. 

But seriously, wrap carriers are amazing to settle your baby. My first few weeks as a new mama ( I call them BW- Before Wrap) I had succumb to the fact that I would never be able to do another load of washing, ever clean my house again or even just move from the couch without the juggling act of baby in one arm and precariously doing everything with my other one, solo hand. 

I had wanted to get a baby carrier and had looked at the best baby carriers and thought I had decided on one. I had previously overlooked the wrap carriers but my life was changed the first time I tried one- suddenly my colic tortured babe settled! She just snuggled in close to my heart and went to sleep!! WHAT!? Could this be real life?! 

I started putting her in the wrap carrier at her witching hour each afternoon and she was so settled! I could breastfeed her in the wrap, I could do the dishes, the laundry, the housework even hug my partner... with TWO hands and TWO arms! 

What was this witchery?! It was the magic of the wrap carrier! The carriers were the first thing I wanted to stock when I started Bubba Bump Baby- I think they are motherhood's best kept secret. They are so different to the more bulky carriers like ErgoBaby or Baby Bjorn. They take 20 seconds to put (see how to here) and your babe just moulds to you and settles so quickly wrapped so snuggly next to their mamas heartbeat. It mimics the womb as well, which is an amazing comfort factor for them.

Babies just know their mother, it's the most beautiful, innate instinct. The fact they can be so upset but the second they sense their mama, they are calmed- it is so heart warming and heart melting! 

Since wearing the wrap carrier I can do anything, I am unstoppable! I can carry all the groceries in from the car in one go- something which I was sure was destined to be left behind in my pre motherhood days! 

The wrap carrier eases colic, gives you your hands back, enables you to breastfeed on the go ( for mamas wondering how, all you do is loosen the shoulder 'straps' so the your babes head hangs a tad lower and they can latch on without you having to stretch your nipples to the length of the Nile River), and gives you the freedom to wander with the baby instead of having to be confined to the couch. 

When your bub falls asleep, you simple tuck their head in so it is supported, when they get too big for the newborn hold their legs can hang out, when they become curious about the world you can front face them, you can even wrap them on your back. However you want to carry your baby in the wrap carrier, there is a way to wrap it to achieve what you want. 

Baby Wrap Carrier

Look at the beautiful Emily Jade Okeefe from 102.9 Hot Tomato using our wrap carrier - Emily Jade O'keefe Instagram

baby wrap carrier on beach


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