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How Can I Increase My Breast Milk Supply?

Breastfeeding is the first food for your baby and is also a wonderful bonding session. This is a way to provide nourishment for them to grow healthy and strong. However, many say that breastfeeding is both a tiring and fulfilling task. Sometimes, a low milk supply can get frustrating or upsetting for mummies. Fortunately, this is temporary and can be improved with proper care.

To ease your worries, here are some tips on how to increase your breast milk supply:


Observe your baby

If your baby’s getting enough milk, better prepare your nappy bag for they would have at least 6-8 wet cloth nappies per day. Good skin colour and muscle tone can be indicators of that too. If your baby is not showing healthy signs like these, their milk intake is probably low. In addition, strong, dark urine, or formed bowel motions might also mean your baby needs more breast milk.


Breastfeed more often

Frequent breastfeeding is one way to produce more milk. Allow your baby to comfortably feed whenever they need to. Compress and massage your breasts to assist milk flow when expressing or squeezing milk from them as well. This helps store more milk after you’re done breastfeeding. These methods would also stimulate the breasts and encourage more supply.


Guide your baby

Make sure your baby is positioned well during breastfeeding. Hold your little one close as skin to skin contact would help. Lead them to get the most milk out of the breasts and switch from one to another as needed. When your baby wants to suck for comfort, it’s better to offer your breasts instead of giving them alternative soothers like a dummy or a pacifier.


Boost your nutrition

Breastfeeding mums should eat healthily and stay hydrated. The Australian Dietary Guidelines suggests to consume healthy servings of food rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Mums trying to lose weight should go into diet gradually. Doing light exercise while avoiding caffeine, alcohol, smoking, and drugs would be safe for the baby too.


Soothe yourself

You may have a hard time producing milk if you’re sick or under a lot of stress. Get some rest during the day and enough sleep during the night. Plan ahead or ask for help if you must get up during sleeping hours. This way, you won’t stress or exhaust yourself too much.

Aside from these, natural and safe milk boosting products are available to get your let-down cascading. Consult your doctor for breast pain or other special needs. Always remember to also take good care of yourself, as your baby’s well-being largely depends on your health and positivity.


Lactation Cookies

Another way you to increase your breast milk supply is a way many people wouldn’t even think of. Cookies! Yep and they are delicious! Lactation cookies are specially formulated to increase your breast milk supply and also provide various nutritional benefits as well.

If you are after some lactation cookies we would recommend looking over at Milky Goodness!

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