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How Many Blankets Does Your Baby Need?

As protective mums, don’t you just wish to make your baby’s environment perfect all the time? Oh, for our little angels to be free from undesirable things like cold, sickness, and sadness. What a dream! But as life can be unpredictable, we opt for the second best thing which is by preparing well.

One of the things mummies get ready for is having baby blankets. When your baby’s about one year old and are finally ready for them, you want to be sure they get the best ones.

But, how many blankets does your baby actually need? Here are some things to consider:



The main purpose of a baby blanket is simply for cover, but there are other uses too. For example, a multi-purpose swaddle wrap can be used as a burp cloth, soft towel, sun shade or pram cover, nursing cover, or change mat. Depending on the usage, mums usually have 10-12 baby blankets by their side. Additional factors to note are the blanket’s size, thickness, fabric type, and edging. Watch over your baby regularly to ensure the right tuck for breathability and prevent suffocation.



In warm conditions, lightweight layers of blankets are preferable. Organic bamboo muslins are perfect for this. On the other hand, cold conditions would entail a thicker snuggly blanket which should be handled with care. Handmade blankets like Rainbow Kantha and Fan Palm Kantha are made purely out of cotton and bring added comfort. Most importantly, change baby blankets based on room temperature, and reserve 1-2 spares for special needs like colds and minor illnesses.



Mummies can be really busy with child care, chores, and work! But, you can always tailor-fit a laundry schedule that works for you. For stains, it’s normal for babies to poop a lot on their disposable cloth or swim nappies. Sometimes, burping could also cause some nasty smudges. Consider how often these situations would soil their blankets or bedding. If you can wash immediately after these incidents, have a minimum of 2 blankets per usage type. Otherwise, have at least 4 blankets each if you’ll wash a bit later. 

For whatever purpose you’re using baby blankets, these are precious keepsakes you’ll cherish for years after. Make sure you invest in safe and timeless choices. Each parenting situation is different, but you’ll eventually ace being a mum one baby step at a time.

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