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New Product- Organic Baby Lounge

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New Product- Organic Baby Lounge

We have a new product launching this week and I am SO excited!!

Our organic baby lounges are set to be available this Sunday! What makes these so special?

They are made from organic, hypoallergenic cotton material and are a must have!

Just like all our other products, they are act to make life easier! Our baby nests can be a portable lounge you can take with you wherever you go, they can be a changing station, fantastic option for tummy time, great for sleeping, snuggling, cuddling- you name it! 

We will have 5 different designs - one for everyone!

I especially love them for popping your cherub on the floor to play with siblings- the lounge provides a little bit of a barrier to well meaning but overbearing and enthusiastic siblings! 

So make sure to keep an eye out for them! As always, any questions, just shoot me through an email!

We will have afterpay available of course!


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