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Reusable Swim Nappies and how to use them

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Reusable Swim Nappies and how to use them

So your beautiful baby is ready for swimming lessons and you want to explore using reusable swim nappies! Swim nappies are usually a must for public swimming pools and for lessons. 

You might be wondering how they work- don't worry its simple! And yes, our swim nappies do actually work at keeping everything in! 

They have a netting on the inside to catch all the poonamis and bits associated with them! The snug legs on them keep everything in and the firm buttons on the waist don't allow anything to float out. 

Our swim nappies are completely adjustable and fit extra small newborns right up to toddlers! So stress less mamas- your babe can go swimming with our swim nappies from the get go! Reusable swim nappies for toddlers to newborns!

They are easily machine washable and can be tumble dried on low- Yay! 

You might be wondering what the pros of reusable swim nappies are compared to disposable swim nappies;

Save Money - instead of having to buy packets of disposable swim nappies over the course of your child's baby and toddler hood you can simply buy 1 or 2 reusable swim nappies and you're done! 

They look cute - reusable swim nappies come in beautiful bright colours- who doesn't love a pop of colour on their babies bums!

Have them for Life - You can reuse them from child to child- 'nuff said!


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