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Tips for Postpartum

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Tips for Postpartum

𝐏𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐮𝐦 - how was it for you?

It can be soooo hard to navigate all the ups and downs! It’s uncharted territory no matter how prepared you think you are. ⁣

I remember with Elle the postpartum period was a rude shock! I didn’t know what to expect or realise just how trying it would be. Whether you have a c section or vaginal birth born come with sooo many physical as well as mental⁣
challenges! ⁣

Some tips? ⁣
✨ Go easy on yourself!! You’ve just had a little human!! That is a huge emotional and physical feat! ⁣
✨ If you don’t want visitors, speak up! Don't be afraid to ask people to leave. This is something I wish I’d done (both times) visitors can be hard work - especially when you’re feeling emotional.
✨Don’t try and do it all. For the first few days stay in bed, sit on the couch. Soak in your baby, start the healing process
✨If something feels wrong in your recovery don’t wait, see your doctor! ⁣
✨ Soak pads in witch hazel and freeze them. Your perineum will thank you! ⁣
✨ Breastfeeding is an acquired skill for you and baby, be prepared to be patient and try, try again. It is a wonderful thing for you both, but needs to be learned. ⁣
✨ Give yourself a break. Sit at the bottom of the shower and cry if you need to every now and then, parenting is hard work. Incorporating another member into your family is hard work. Sleep deprivation and shifting hormones will, in fact, make you feel crazy at times but it will get better. You will find your new norm. It's not all cute onesies and hair bows, it's more like poopy onesies and newborn rashes, and that's ok.⁣
✨ Prepare lots of freezer meals ahead of time. It makes recovery so much easier when you aren’t having to worry about what’s for dinner.⁣
✨ Babywear! Using a carrier helps you keep your baby close and bond, while still having your hands free. This is also super helpful when you have another child and you can’t be sitting with your new baby all day!⁣
✨ Don’t be afraid of stool softeners & other effective remedies for the dreaded first poops ⁣

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