What are Swaddles and Muslin Wraps used for?

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What are Swaddles and Muslin Wraps used for?

As a new parent, or expectant mother, you might wonder what are muslin swaddles, muslin wraps and baby wraps used for? 

For a start, they are all the same thing! People call them organic muslin swaddles, wraps, blankets.. you name it, people have a different name for what is essentially a big baby blanket (well some of them aren't that big- ours are though!) that can be used for so many different things with your baby. 

The number one use is, of course, to wrap your bub up nice and firmly so it mimics the feeling of the womb and they settle better. 

There are so many other uses for muslin wraps too though, and that is why they are a must have baby item. They can be used for portable change mats, pram covers, burping cloths, sun shades, breastfeeding cover, blanket for baby... the list goes on. 

Once you have a baby, you realise that regardless of where you are or what you are doing, it is so handy to have muslin wrap in hands reach from you. 

They are wonderful and lightweight and super breathable too, making them the perfect baby blanket for summer and winter. They can also be used as nappies for your bub- they are a wonder item!

We have so many pretty patters, unisex as well as boy and girl, to choose from. 

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