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What Should You Have In Your Baby Bag?

If you’re about to become a mom or have just given birth to your own bundle of joy, congratulations! You’re in for a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience, and with a ball of happiness to call yours. But even if having a baby is the dream of many people, it definitely doesn’t come easy. You need to be able to give them utmost care and love, which means that you need to carry stuff from your list of baby bag essentials. But for new parents especially, it’s understandably confusing what exactly you need to put in your baby backpacks. Read our guide below!


Baby bottles and pacifiers

At random times throughout the day, your baby will either go hungry, have a crying fit, or both. Make sure you have a bottle of formula milk at the ready if you can’t have them latch onto your breast. If they’re not hungry but need to calm down, you can use a pacifier to do exactly that as it reminds them of their time in the womb.


Breastfeeding cover

When you’re out breastfeeding in public, you might expose yourself in the process. While the breast shouldn’t be a sexual thing, you yourself may not want it to show. A breastfeeding cover should do the trick in helping you feed your baby while preventing you from possible unwanted exposure.


Bibs, wiping cloth, and wipes

Your baby is bound to drool, spit, vomit, and secrete other fluids all over themselves and you as well. That’s why it’s always handy to have your child wear a bib so their drool can land there instead. If they’re the type to put their hands in their mouth then touch everywhere, you better get wet wipes ready to wipe any surface they make contact with. Lastly, a wiping cloth and burp cloth are also essential for the same purpose.


Extra clothes

As mentioned earlier, you and your child can get a bunch of fluids and liquids on yourselves. As much as you try to be neat, it’s inevitable to have these messes. With this, it’s highly recommended that you have extra clothes for the both of you in your baby bag. Otherwise, you’ll end up with certain wet spots on your clothes from your baby’s potty time, or they can end up with stinky footies and onesies. A fresh set of clothes can save you that hassle.



It’s important that as early as now, you stimulate your baby mentally. Toys can do just that as it gives them something to react to. It also serves as a distraction and a means to entertain themselves if ever they get antsy and bored while out.



This goes without saying, but if your baby’s diaper ends up too full or stinky, a set of extra diapers can fix that. Not doing so will cause them to smell as well as feel discomfort, which will ultimately lead to a crying spree from your little one. Have at least two in your bag as well as a changing pad to lay them on while you replace their soiled diapers.


Having all these items in your baby backpack can save you and your little so much trouble. It can help you care for your little one, and they’d be happier for it. So keep all of the items in mind the next time you’re going out with your child.

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