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Why Mums Need A Baby Nest

Good sleeping habits begin from birth. Ideally, we want to help our baby achieve a healthy amount of sleep every time. Aside from a consistent bedtime routine, there are other ways our child can relax and drift off to dreamland while keeping them safe. To make this endeavour easier, nursery products like baby nests are made to provide ease and comfort to both mums and bubs.

If you’re still not convinced why mums like you need a baby nest, here are some benefits:



Getting a baby nest is a wise decision for mummies for its many uses. Aside from being a sleep aid, it acts as a suitable space for your child’s relaxation, play, tummy time, and even change station! Organic, hypoallergenic, and machine washable options are also available nowadays. Additionally, modern designs may include enclosed drawstrings to make the lounge smaller and cosier when your baby’s still tiny. At the same time, this recreates the warm environment your baby had in the womb and encourages comfy sleep. Otherwise, the strings can be loosened up as your baby grows in size.



Many baby nests or lounges are lightweight and can be taken anywhere for your little bub. What’s great about baby nests is that they’re made for easy set up and on-the-go travels. As your baby would already be very familiar with their nest, this would be comforting for them when you go to another place or just move to a different room. This lessens the chances of your baby crying as you keep them on close watch. This THEN saves up time and effort for other duties, which makes it a really good investment.



It’s highly advisable for babies up to 12 months to sleep on their backs to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. Letting your baby sleep in this position provides airway protection, making them less likely to choke or vomit than babies who sleep on their tummies. While there are no sure-fire ways to eliminate all risks of SIDS, you can still make every night a safer sleeping experience for your baby. For one thing, having a baby nest adequate to your child’s size makes this possible. As co-sleeping is not recommended by health experts, baby lounges usually make room for only one occupant and secures them from other obstacles and danger.


Benefits aside, you shouldn’t be complacent when caring for your baby still. Make sure to never leave them unsupervised. It’s best to practice safe sleeping guidelines and teach this to anyone else attending to your baby. With suitable baby nests and careful choices, every good night's sleep for your little one would be kept from harm.

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