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Postpartum essentials for the mamas

Go through your postpartum in comfort and safety with Bubba Bump’s postpartum essentials. Whether its reusable breast pads or postpartum recovery shorts, our support wear promises to take care of you while you recover.

You can choose from a variety of postpartum support wear, disposable underwear, breastfeeding packs, and postpartum gift boxes.


Postpartum underwear

These are designed from anti-bacterial, eco-friendly nylon. The bump panel on the underwear works perfectly for post-pregnancy. This also comes as a disposable option.

Reusable breast pads

Eco-friendly and affordable, these pads are made with the softest organic bamboo. 

Postpartum gift box

The Labour Prep and Postpartum Recovery Box cater to all mums offering both Vaginal and C-Section delivery options. Includes several essential items such as peri bottle, perineal relief spray and flushable wipes, to name a few. 

Other essentials include postpartum recovery shorts, support books, and recovery shorts. Check them all out below!


What are the benefits of postpartum support wear?

Postpartum underwear offers to help you feel better and comfortable. Light compression from belly wraps can support your natural transverse abdominal muscle when you’re unable to contract it yet. This serves as critical support during your daily activities as you recover. In addition to promoting recovery from childbirth, postpartum support wear encourages blood flow, better posture and mobility, and helps reduce swelling. 

Is support wear comfortable?

Part of the functionality of postpartum underwear is to provide the maximum comfort possible while you nurse yourself back to full recovery. Postpartum underwear is designed to mould into your body shape, offering you support and relief. Bubba Bump’s catalogue of postpartum essentials is made from anti-bacterial and eco-friendly material. So, it doubles the comfort you’d get with normal support wear.

How many hours should I wear a postpartum belt or support wear?

Ideally, this should be around 2-4 hours continuously throughout the day. The longer you could wear it continuously, the better. Postpartum support wear is designed to be as comfortable as possible so that wearing them for longer periods of time shouldn’t be a challenge. 

Can wearing belly bands help reduce back pain?

Part of the functionality of belly bands is to enable better posture and mobility while you recover. By supporting your lower back and baby bump, belly bands help reduce pain overall. According to Spine Journal, wearing a belly band can indeed help with back pain and pelvic girdle pain.