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Labour Prep and Postpartum Recovery Box

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Postpartum presents an un-chartered territory for many mothers (especially first time mums) Our labour prep and postpartum recovery kits aim to help ease the unexpected pain and discomfort that follows on from having a baby. 

Available in both Vaginal and C-Section options, we aim to cater for all mums. Please Note - if you are not knowingly going to have a C section we recommend you choosing the Vaginal Birth Kit - this has everything that the C-section box has in it, so you will be prepared for either way of birth.

Whats in the box?

Vaginal Labour Prep and Postpartum Recovery Box

    • Peri Bottle
    • Reusable Perineal Ice/heat Pad with cover
    • Reusable Breast Ice/Heat Pad with cover 
    • Perineal Relief Spray (formulated by a certified aromatherapist) Patch test before use and always seek trusted medical advice with any concerns before use 
    • Perineal Preparation Oil (formulated by a certified aromatherapist) Patch test before use and always seek trusted medical advice with any concerns before use 
  • Pack of our Bubba Bump Postpartum Disposable Underwear (8 Pairs) 
  • Nipple Cream 
  • 2 x pairs of reusable breast pads 
  • Certified Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea 
  • Postpartum Recovery wear shorts 
  • Witch Hazel Healing Wipes
  • Postpartum Soak 

C-section Labour Prep and Postpartum Recovery Box

    • Peri Bottle
    • Reusable Breast Ice/Heat Pad with cover 
    • Perineal Preparation Oil (formulated by a certified aromatherapist) For use on dry skin and stretch marks also . Patch test before use and always seek trusted medical advice with any concerns before use 
  • Pack of our Bubba Bump Postpartum Disposable Underwear (8 Pairs) 
  • Nipple / C-Section Cream 
  • 2 x pairs of reusable breast pads 
  • Certified Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea 
  • Postpartum Recovery wear shorts 
  • Postpartum Soak 

Let's take a look in more detail what each item does - 

Peri Bottle :

This little wash bottle container will be a lifesaver for your lady parts after birth."It's basically a squirt bottle that allows you to clean your bottom easily and gently after the delivery of a baby,”

"Peri" is short for perineum, the area between your vagina and anus—also the place where trying to squeeze a watermelon out of a much smaller hole takes its toll.

We're not going to sugarcoat it: Your vag will be sore, possibly torn, possibly stitched, and peeing will make it feel like it's on fire. 

What happens after birth to the perineal area isn't fun, exciting or cute to talk about, and often doesn't get discussed in childbirth classes or even before you leave the hospital.

So much focus and energy now goes to caring for your new baby, it's important to talk about simple things to help your day-to-day healing become just a little easier on you.

How to use it

The bottle couldn't be easier to use. You simply fill with warm water and while sitting on the toilet, point the opened tip towards the region you would like to cleanse, and squeeze the bottle to squirt the fluid over the region.

The best time to use it? While peeing. A lot of women experience burning during urination after delivery, so the bottle dilutes the urine, making it sting less. Start the stream of water, begin peeing, then continue the stream

Wiping can be excruciating in the beginning, being able to rinse and dab dry is so much better. 

Should C-section moms use a peri bottle?

The many benefits of this little bottle extend even to moms who didn't have a vaginal birth.

If you were in labor before your C-section, your perineum may still be swollen and sensitive. Even if your C-section was planned, it may be painful or difficult to bend over or reach to wipe because of the incision.

Perineal and Breast Heat/Ice Pads

As a new/pregnant mum, you need to prepare for your recovery in the weeks after having a baby and giving birth.

You will be quite sore and tender in your vaginal/ perineal area!

If you’re thinking about self-care after baby, good for you! It can be easy to get so wrapped up in planning for your new arrival that you completely forget to plan for yourself and your own healing process.

Postpartum healing will require a few different tools to help soothe the pain, reduce swelling, and clean any tears or stitched areas. Postpartum ice packs reduce swelling and soothe sore areas — helping you feel more comfortable in the days after childbirth, so you can enjoy time with your newborn!

There are major benefits to using ice packs specifically designed for postpartum women. 

Even after a vaginal birth without tears, the entire perineal area and rectum will be swollen after birth, and you'll likely feel discomfort in the area for around three to five weeks. 

Perineal cool pads are an essential for use postpartum to cool and soothe your perineum and help any postpartum soreness you may experience.

When the perineum gel pad is heated, it can be also used while in the second stage of labour to reduce perineal tears and trauma when pressed against the perineal area (ask your medical team if you're unsure how to correctly apply) 

When frozen, the perineum strip perineal ice pack provides soothing, cooling relief to the perineal area which may be irritated, swollen and tender from childbirth, whether or not you had an episiotomy.

The perineum strip perineal ice pack can also be used to give instant relief from vaginal irritations and inflamed haemorrhoids, or to treat Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD).

After pushing baby, no matter how long for, you will be a bit swollen.  If you need any stitches, you will be a bit sore.  

The Breast ice/heat packs can be warmed or cooled to assist with your breastfeeding journey.

The breast gel pads are designed to help offer relief from soreness associated with breast feeding, blocked milk ducts and engorgement.

When heated, the breast pads can be used as a heat pack to help ease the flow of milk and blocked milk ducts. This can help reduce the amount of time needed for pumping or expressing. 

When frozen, the breast pads can be used as an ice pack to help offer relief from engorgement, pain from inflammation, mastitis, blocked ducts and overall discomfort that can be a result of breastfeeding. 

Perineal Relief Spray

Heal Mist - For assistance in postpartum  cooling relief. Spray onto the perineal area post birth. Contains Aloe vera for cooling relief and must be stored in the fridge. Contains- Lavender, Geranium, Frankincense essential oils, witch hazel, Clary Sage, Aloe vera + distilled water. 

Soothe & Relieve

Perineal Spray is formulated specifically for the delicate skin of the perineum. It comforts you from itchiness, pain, discomfort and soreness. It’s a total solution to keep your perineum healthy, moisturised and nourished preparing you for childbirth.

Mist as often as needed, especially after bath or toilet use.

Perineal Preparation Prepare Oil

Prepare-  Using oils in perineum massage before birth can help in assisting reducing the chance of tearing during birth. Start massaging from 34 weeks daily. Using a few drops, massage the thin skin (it will become thicker and less sensitive) on the lower rim of the vagina with the index finger and thumb for approximately 1 minute. Whilst massaging, concentrate on relaxing your mind, body and breathing deeply. Contains - Lavender and frankincense  essential oil, fractionated coconut oil. Post birth use- Use on stretch marks or dry skin 

Disposable Postpartum Underwear  

Please note size Medium is 75-110cm waistline

Please note size Large is 110-140cm waistline

Disposable maternity underwear that eliminates the need for uncomfortable, awkward pads in your postpartum journey.These are you answer to comfort in the post birth period. You can even wear them when your waters break! Endorsed by midwives, you know this product is a hospital bag essential. 

Nipple/Dry skin/C-section scar scream 

 Protective — Nourishing — Moisture-locking

This intensely nourishing and protective barrier cream can be used on both adults and babies.Contains an exclusive blend of nourishing botanicals, designed to protect your baby’s delicate bottom area from excess moisture and support skin healing.

Mum & bub's skin is calmed, nourished and protected, including soothing action on irritated nipples and restored baby bottom skin

Organic Reusable Bamboo Breast Pads

Buttery Soft Organic Bamboo against sore nipples

A must have for the nursing mom! An environmentally friendly alternative to disposables.

Raspberry leaf tea

Research has also found that women who drink red raspberry leaf tea regularly towards the end of their pregnancies had shorter second stages of labour (pushing stage) than those who don’t.

You can continue to drink this amazing tea after the birth too. This nutrient-rich herb can be continued postnatally. It can assist with reducing blood loss, toning the uterus and supporting breast milk production.

As with any herbal remedy, you should first consult with your doctor.

Support Wear shorts 

For Size reference please refer here 

Built in support and compression to help heal and recover after child birth. The mid section gentle and targeted compression helps postpartum conditions such as 

- Lower back Pain

- Abdominal Separation (Diastasis Rectus)

- Perineal tearing and episiotomy wounds

- C-Section Wounds 

Healing Witch Hazel Wipes

Nobody wants to wipe with toilet paper down there when it’s all swollen and tender. That’s why we added these wipes in the box. You won't want rough toilet paper near your lady parts post birth! These specifically formulated wipes will be a welcome relief. Lay them on top of pads or your disposable underwear for extra cooling relief.

Please patch test before use

Postpartum Herbal Sitz 

Postpartum magnesium and herbal sitz bath soak, with organic dried chamomile, sage, yarrow, lavender and calendula.

The perfect addition to your postpartum recovery tool box. A beautiful herbal sitz to nourish, heal and restore the body after birth.

Great for relieving pain and tears associated with birth, a beautiful herbal remedy to help reduce inflammation, ward against infection and great for relief in the bruising and swelling of muscles after birth too.

Directions - Put desired amount into a muslin drawstring bag or straight into the tub.  Pop it into a warmly drawn bath and use it in the postpartum period for healing. Can also be made into a cold brew used in peri bottle to sooth between the legs for use after birth.

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