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How To Make A DIY Baby Wrap

One of the joys of being a mum is having new things to do with or for your baby. Every activity is meaningful because we do it with love. Like making a baby wrap, you would want to emulate the warmth of your protective embrace for your little one. You just have to collect enough inspos and prepare the right materials to get started.

These are the things to consider when making a DIY baby wrap:

Get inspired
There are loads of recommendations online or from loved ones. If all these designs seem equally great right now, break it down to these classifications:

⦁ Colours - For minimalists, start with something plain. What’s your favourite? What looks good on your baby? Flattering shades vary from pastels to earthy tones. Looking up a colour wheel is helpful too. Mix and match or just create a rainbow! Take your pick.

⦁ Patterns - The usual are plaid, dotted, or stripes. You can also play with shapes or other objects that look adorable. Examples are tic-tac-toe inspired patterns, camouflage fashion, or animal prints.

⦁ Symbols - What are the things you’re drawn to? Get ideas from the environment such as sunshine, clouds, or stars. You can spot dream catchers, shiny crystals, or sweet desserts in your home too. Look for items that make you smile. After all, what makes you cheery would also be great for your munchkin.

Look for baby-safe fabrics

When using safe fabrics for your baby, consider breathability, movement, and durability. For starters, you may choose among cotton, muslin, polyester, bamboo, or jersey. These fabrics lean towards mostly natural and hypoallergenic options. A trick would be to look into the tags of your baby’s clothes and see which materials they’re made of. Use materials that are proven safe for your baby to wear.

Take note of the weather and temperature of your daily surroundings too. When wearing a baby wrap carrier, you wouldn’t want to be sweating beads with your child. If you’re feeling unsure about their skin condition, consult your trusted health care provider. This way, you can be aware of any allergies or sensitivities to avoid in the process.

Strategise with sizing

When measuring for a baby wrap, remember that it’s preferable to make adjustments now than to get worked up later. Note that there are fabrics that shrink in the wash as well. If you’re making a baby wrap for a blanket, the standard size is around 120cm by 120cm. But if you’re making a baby wrap carrier, the size would depend on you and your child’s size, along with the excess length you want. To estimate how much you’ll need, watch Bubba Bump Baby’s video demo here for guidance.

At the end of the day, using a baby wrap carrier is wise because it supports multitasking through a “hands-free” approach to motherhood. It helps us mums carry out our duties while holding our baby. With these efforts, we could savour more moments while keeping our angels safe and warm.

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