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Keeping Your Baby Cool During Summer

As protective mummies, we want our babies to have fun all day and enjoy sleep every night—especially in the summer! The skin of your little bub is a lot vulnerable to the sun's damaging UV rays, so extra caution is highly recommended. Whether your baby is wearing a reusable swim nappy for playtime or getting ready for bedtime, you can ensure they are always cool and comfy.


Here are simple ways you can do to beat the summer heat for your baby:


For Summer Days

In the summer, your baby could be at risk of certain health-related illnesses. Follow these tips to help prevent sunburn, prickly heat, heat stroke, and the like:


  • Protect your baby from the sun - Use a suitable sunscreen for babies older than 6 months. If younger, sunscreen is not recommended yet so adequate shade and light clothing are preferable.
  • Wear light clothing - A cool cotton fabric would be lightweight and breathable for your baby. When it becomes too hot, putting your baby on just a regular or swim nappy is also appropriate.
  • Look for warning signs - If your baby looks unwell and more irritable, refuses to drink, wets their nappies less, or pees with dark urine, consult your doctor for assistance.
  • Swim at home - As going outside is still risky, you can recreate your own cool swimming session instead. Let your baby wear a snug and comfy reusable swim nappy to make sure nothing floats out during swims.
  • Stay hydrated - Until 6 months old, your baby should only feed on breast milk or formula. Once older, they can be introduced to sips of water in addition to milk. Feed your baby more fluids when needed to keep them hydrated.


For Summer Nights

Summer nights can also be a little high on temperature. This can impact the quality of your baby’s sleep. These are what you can do so your baby dozes off quicker and better at night:


  • Cool the bedroom - To cool the fan, face it against the wall, place a damp towel over, or put an iced water bowl in front throughout the day. Drawing the blinds and curtains would help keep the heat out too.
  • Choose light fabric for bedding - Beddings, including wraps and blankets, made of natural or organic cotton, bamboo, or muslin would give your baby a cooler feeling during the night.
  • Take a bath - Letting your baby experience a cooler bath than usual before bed can give them a fresher feeling. This can also help them fall asleep faster.
  • Use coconut oil - Coconut oil has a cooling effect. It feels light and absorbent to the skin, and has antibacterial
  • Make swaddling optional - As much as newborns generally like being comforted with a swaddle wrap, skip this step if you think it would only add unnecessary heat.


Overall, consistency is key for your baby’s safety and comfort. Follow safety measures to avoid heat-related illnesses all day, and make early preparations to cool your baby for a cosy, uninterrupted sleep all night.

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