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Padsicles: Your Key To Relief & Comfort During Postpartum

As new mums, our sole priority is to take care of our little ones. We prepare to give the baby all the care in the world, we baby-proof the house, stock up on diapers, pick a crib and make sure everything is ready for the little bundle of joy to enter our lives. But it's time for mum to do some recovery prep for herself. 

You must have heard the mums' group rave about padsicles for postpartum recovery. But what exactly is it? What's so good about it? And how do you use it? Read ahead to know anything and everything about padsicles.

What is a padsicle?

The word padsicle is a wordplay of two words: pad and popsicle. It is essentially a frozen sanitary pad that is intended to ease the irritation and discomfort of the perineum after vaginal childbirth. It is placed in the underwear to facilitate healing, reduce swelling, and in some cases provide relief from haemorrhoid pain.

Padsicles, or frozen sanitary pads, are intended for easing discomfort down there after childbirth. Some mamas swear by padsicles for haemorrhoid relief, too.

Many expecting mums stock up on padsicles in their final weeks of pregnancy.

What’s so great about them?

One of the first things a new mum needs post-delivery is a comfortable and soothing sanitary pad to absorb all the lochia without irritating the swollen labia. A padsicle is perfect to soothe vaginal tearing and stitches as it combines the qualities of a sanitary pad and an ice pack.

Bubba Bump’s padsicles stimulate the healing process and:

  • Provide relief from post-birth pain and haemorrhoids
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Alleviate swollen tissue

Our Padsicles are oh-so-amazing for Cesarean births too!

The C-section incision tends to be sore for a few weeks post-delivery, Bubba Bump’s padsicles help relieve this soreness. They help soothe the irritation, pain, scar tenderness and inflammation around the incision while stimulating recovery as well. 

How do you use a Padsicle?

Our instant padsicles are very easy to use. As the name suggests, they are ready to use in an instant. Here are the steps on how to use them:

For vaginal use :

  1. Remove the pad from the packaging and gently press it all over, you should hear a pop when you do so. 
  2. Give it a nice shake. This will activate the cooling system. 
  3. Take off the adhesive strip and stick it to your undies. 

Now enjoy the soothing relief the padsicle provides.

For C-section use:

  1. Remove the pad from the packaging and gently press it all over, you should hear a pop when you do so. 
  2. Give it a nice shake. This will activate the cooling system. 
  3. Now place it (pad side down) on the incision and enjoy the much-needed comfort.

As a rule of thumb, ensure that you use the padsicle for only 4 hours, just like you would use a regular pad. You can use them for up to 6 weeks or until the vaginal discharge has stopped. If you’re using them to treat haemorrhoids, the padsicles can be used for up to 4 months.

To bundle it up

What can we say, we are impressed with padsicles and swear by them. From soothing post-birth pain and irritation to absorbing lochia and other vaginal fluids, padsicles are nothing short of a saviour for new mums. These are a must-have for postpartum recovery. So stock them up and get ready to recover like a queen.

If you are a retailer interested in stocking up Australian-made, top-quality organic baby products, reach out to us.

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