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Difference Between Organic Muslin Wraps and Swaddles

Difference Between Organic Muslin Wraps and Swaddles

For newborn babies, one of the most important things you will be looking to purchase for him or her is either a muslin wrap or swaddle. Wrapping up your newborn comforts your baby, soothes them, and makes them feel safe. It mimics the womb-like sensation which helps to settle newborns and young babies up to about four months of age.  

Difference between muslin wraps and swaddles

Muslin wraps and swaddles are essentially very similar, but the differences are in the fabrics that they’re made of and how a baby is wrapped in them. Muslin wraps are like a type of cotton or bamboo gauze material which normally has many layers, and are normally quite large. Swaddles on the other hand, are loose cloth or fabrics that you can also wrap your baby in. 

Benefits of muslin wraps 

  • Soft and get even softer with each wash 
  • Lightweight, breathable and doesn’t retain odours
  • Absorbent 
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Versatile - can be used for emergency nappy changing, nursing cover, towel, burp cloth, blanket and pram cover
  • Can also be used as a swaddle 
  • Great in warmer weather 
  • Dries quickly when washing

Benefits of swaddles 

  • Wraps baby’s limbs closely to the body so they don’t flail their arms and legs around 
  • Versatile 
  • Thicker, warmer material 
  • Stretchy and provides more room for movement
  • Smaller and easier to fold up 
  • Makes them feel safe and secure
Whether you choose to invest in swaddles or muslin wraps, they are an essential product you’ll need in preparation for the arrival of your newborn baby. Investing in a few of each is a great option so you can adapt to the weather and your baby’s needs. You can shop Australian made, organic bamboo muslin wraps for your baby at Bubba Bump.

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