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Postpartum Ice Packs

Benefits of Using Postpartum Ice and Heat Packs

After giving birth and during the breastfeeding phase, it’s normal for mums to feel a bit of soreness in the perineal and breast area, which can last for several weeks. Investing in reusable postpartum heat and ice packs can make a world of difference in your recovery. 

Can be used cold or hot

According to your preference, the perineal and breast heat and ice packs are designed for you to use according to your needs, whether you would like it frozen or heated. 

Instant pain relief 

Our postpartum ice and heat packs provide quick relief anywhere that you’re experiencing pain and tenderness. Having one in your freezer or ready to be heated up will ease your discomfort and soreness in no time.


While our postpartum heat and ice packs are primary designed for relieving the perineal area after childbirth, you can also use them to soothe the rectum, for vaginal irritation, inflamed haemorrhoids, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, and during labour. The breast ice/heat pack helps with easing milk flow while pumping, soreness from breastfeeding, engorgement, blocked milk ducts and antenatal expression of colostrum.

Easily cleanable, washable and reusable

Our ice and heat packs are made from soft polyvinyl that can be easily cleaned, washed and reused. You can sanitise and dry for immediate use whenever required. Every ice/heat pack also comes with disposable covers that we recommend you using with the gel packs.

Shop Bubba Bump’s range of Australian-made perineum ice and heat packs, and breast ice and heat packs for your postpartum recovery.

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