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Baby Grooming 101

Brushing your baby’s hair is one of the most important things you can do from birth and it offers a range of benefits that will help your child’s development. Finding the right newborn baby grooming set is imperative to care for your baby’s delicate crown. 

Benefits of baby grooming: 

  • Distributing natural oils to condition hair 
  • Preventing of cradle cap 
  • Massaging 
  • Increasing circulation 
  • Calming and helps with sleep 
  • Styling 
  • Detangling knots 
  • Encouraging hair growth

Tips on grooming your baby’s hair

  • From birth, you can start brushing your baby’s hair at any time, up to twice a day
  • Ensure that you’re using a brush with very soft bristles such as goat hair (only uses brushes designed for babies)
  • When combing, use a wide toothed comb so it won’t hurt your baby
  • Comb hair from the tips and hold onto the hair if there are tangles
  • Only comb hair when it’s dry 
  • Don’t overbrush as it can cause breakage and damage
  • Avoid tight hairstyles

You can purchase baby grooming kits that have three brushes: a soft hairbrush, massage brush, and comb. This will allow you to gently style and massage your baby’s head.

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