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- Ten benefits of babywearing -

1. It's great for traveling with your baby.
Babywearing allows you to go places without having to push a stroller or carry it from one place to the next.

2. People won't touch your baby (as much).
A carrier keeps your baby nestled in a little protected cocoon, keeping germy hands away.

3. It soothes baby.
Babies who are worn by their parents cry less. Babywearing reduces babies' crying, especially in the evening ‘witching’ hours

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Swaddles! As a first time pregnant mother I knew I needed them but I didn't know just how amazing and multi-purposed they really were!

From wrapping my cherub tight at night so I was sure she would not roll over or roll onto her side to an on the go change mat, to pram cover, teething rag, nursing cover in public, burp cloth and even a towel- muslin swaddle wraps are an essential for any parent!

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