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Tips On Postpartum Recovery

After the birth of your child comes the postpartum recovery period. Part of this is facing physical and mental issues that come post-childbirth. Each woman has different postpartum experiences, though it typically takes 6 weeks after birth to recover. During this crucial period, you must do everything you can to alleviate any pain and heal your body so you can be ready to take care of your little one.

Here’s how you can do so.


Ready the essentials

The first thing you must do is to shop for essentials for both the baby and you. Remember, the recovery period still requires you to be able to care for your child, so it’s recommended that you’ve prepared all of it beforehand so you don’t have to go out to shop. Things such as a baby swaddle, baby carrier wrap, milk bottles, diapers, etc. should already be in stock before you even go to the hospital to deliver. As for yourself, you should have ice packs, heating pads, and pain medication in store for your own worries.


Recharge, recharge, recharge

Pregnancy and childbirth are the most physically and emotionally draining experiences a woman can have. It’s no wonder that after the 9 months, the first instinct of many new mothers is to just sleep for a few weeks straight. Well, you don’t have to do it straight but you do have to sleep a lot. It will help you recharge the energy you lost from those grueling months of having to carry your baby. You also need to eat nutrient- and fiber-rich food to improve your bowel movement.


Soothe any pain

It’s common to feel back pains, tears, and aching breasts post-pregnancy. But remember when we said you need to have the essentials? This is what they’re for. You can use ice packs, heating pads, and medication to ease the leftover pain. You should also apply ointment to your scar (if you delivered via C-section).


Get moving

Resting and recharging doesn’t mean you should just lay in bed all day. Moving around even just a bit is ideal to make sure you get proper exercise. While we’re not recommending you to do heavy lifting and working out full time, walking around your house (especially during this quarantine) will help you avoid being sedentary during your recovery period.


Consult your doctors

Even if you may not be feeling anything out of the ordinary post-pregnancy woes, you should still go to your doctor for regular checks and consultations. They are the ones that can determine if what you’re feeling is something that can be handled at home or needs more extensive treatment.


Have a helpful support system

Last but not the least, make sure a support system, whether in the form of your partner, your family members, and your friends, are available within reach. Postpartum depression is a real thing that, if left unchecked, can affect your mental health more severely and prevent you from caring for your family. Ensure you have someone to talk about these issues with. If possible, talk to a professional about it as well.


While it’s very challenging, postpartum recovery can become a much easier thing to go through with the help of the tips above. Follow and stick to them so you can recuperate properly so that in a few weeks, you’re fully recharged and ready to face the exciting challenge that is motherhood.

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