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Mesh Underwear

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Want some undies you can just chuck out with your pad? Our postpartum mesh underwear is what you need .

AMAZING with our instant perineum padsicles (here) or after the initial really heavy bleeding post birth when you move from our disposable postpartum underwear (here) to pads. 

Made from a super soft and ridiculously stretchy polyester and spandex, these are another great addition for the postpartum recovery tool box.

Who wants to have to wash underwear when you can just throw the whole lot out with your pad! Less washing = more time to soak that newborn in! 

Soft, seamless and breathable to keep pads (and everything else) in place, without squeezing or pulling.

AAA+ rating for comfort while you nurture yourself and heal postpartum.

Includes- 5x pairs 

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