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Postpartum Recovery Wear

There’s probably many things you’re looking forward to after you’ve given birth - like sushi and wine - but don’t expect to be jumping into your pre-pregnancy underwear just yet. There’s a reason why postpartum recovery wear exists, and it’s got everything to do with ensuring you’re comfortable during your recuperation. Does it work? Absolutely. Here’s everything you need to know about postnatal clothing.

Why do you need postpartum support wear?

Whether you’ve had a C-section or a natural birth, postpartum support wear is beneficial for a number of reasons. While it’s not a must-have, it’s definitely something you should consider if you don’t want to stretch out your regular clothing. 

Postpartum support wear assists in wound healing, and helps recovery by stabilising joints and reducing pain while increasing your mobility.

Types of postpartum recovery wear for Australian mums

Which postpartum support wear do you need? You can either choose to fill your wardrobe with all or just a few of the garments below:

Mesh underwear

Often recommended by hospitals, many new mothers choose to wear postnatal mesh underwear as their fluctuating hormones can lead to increased sweating everywhere. Mesh underwear is cool and light, and combats this.

Postnatal recovery shorts & support tanks

Support tank tops and recovery shorts are a great solution that offers every day support for your postpartum belly. For shorts especially, they provide pain relief so you can move more freely post-delivery.

Postpartum underwear

Disposable postpartum underwear eliminates the need for uncomfortable, awkward pads while you recover. Leak free, ultra comfortable, and leaves you feeling secure post birth, post

Maternity tights

Postpartum compression tights are supportive yet non-restricting. While your body is in the process of returning to its old shape, these leggings can be a way to feel comfortable.

Our postpartum recovery wear collection

With flexible sizing and stretchy fit, and available in organic fabrics, Bubba Bump is committed to providing high quality postpartum clothing to Australian women everywhere.

Browse our range online, which includes postpartum undies, compression tights, and recovery shorts all in the one place for your convenience.

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