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Read to know the benefits of knitting and giving heartwarming crocheted clothing to your little one.

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As protective mums, don’t you just wish to make your baby’s environment perfect all the time? Oh, for our little angels to be free from undesirable things like cold, sickness, and sadness. What a dream! But as life can be unpredictable, we opt for the second best thing which is by preparing well. One of the things mummies get ready for is having baby blankets. When your baby’s about one year old and are finally ready for them, you want to be sure they get the best ones. But, how many blankets does your baby actually need? Here are some...

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You've hit that last trimester (maybe even before if you are super organised but that definitely wasn't me) and you think eeeeek! Time to pack the hospital bag!  Now it can be a tad overwhelming- what do you pack for yourself? What do you pack for the baby? What kind of things do you need to support the kind of birth you aspire to from your birth plan?  You might not even have a birth plan - personally I didn't! I decided to go with the flow and take things as they came. I admire those who do have plans -...

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As a first time expecting mother, you get so confused about what you do and don't need when it comes to baby.  So many people tell you, you HAVE to have this or HAVE to have that. You end up getting all the things that everyone tells you have to have.  Then bub comes... you quickly work your own way as to what you do and don't need. You will laugh at some things that people said you had to have and then wonder why nobody told you about something that you have found as your necessity. For me everyone...

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As a new parent, or expectant mother, you might wonder what are muslin swaddles, muslin wraps and baby wraps used for? 

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